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"Forklift Aerial Safety Training and their instructors  are of the highest quality.  In my experience, with them, they conduct  thorough research on the client-owned equipment to ensure the most  accurate and up-to-date instruction."

"Take a leap of faith.  The staff is great and extremely knowledgeable in equipment operation."

Arturo Lopez - Safety Manager, Port of Corpus Christi

"FAST set up our Aerial training session on fairly short  notice and Allison was a true professional and made the training  interesting and informative.

Allison relayed all the information we needed,  made sure that we absorbed what we required, and the ‘hands-on’ was  thorough enough to capture our weaknesses.

I would not hesitate to utilize the services that FAST provides."

Terry Files - Pipeline Inspector, Koch Pipeline

Brand Energy Solutions reached out to Forklift Aerial  Safety Training for specialized forklift driver training. We conducted  our own in house training and felt it was not informative enough and  decided to hire someone that had a more thorough curriculum and training  modules. I visited with them and found that their training curriculum  was what we needed and decided to train all our forklift operators.

Feedback from our forklift operators was all  positive, the hands on part of the training exceeded what we expected  and since training we have seen our forklift incident decrease.

Any and all companies that have forklift  operators, the 6-8 hours class is very thorough and keep employees  engaged throughout the entire class.

I feel with the commitment to creating the  training modules and teaching background of the instructor, our  experience was great and would recommend to anyone.

Henry Mendez - Construction Manager, Brand Energy Solutions

"Training experience was professional, fluid, and  understandable in technical and layman's terms.  The training was  successful and the certification was accepted by safety engineer  representing my client and they were satisfied with the curriculum  offered in regards to the certificate.

This training would benefit large forklift  operators in a refinery setting and very beneficial for confined space  work.  I would recommend it to any business owners that operate small to  large forklifts.

It was a pleasure meeting you and in the future if I have any further need of you services I will gladly be in touch. "

Walter Briones - Owner, Briones Metal